Cassavahub Change management documents and tracks all changes for a system or process within an organization. The system initiates and processes any change and documents approval as required for compliance and risk minimization.

The system is tailored to meet the organization's needs. Other than streamlining processes the system also enables the organization to have a rich history of previous input for a given change in a system. The system is also integrated with a customized approval matrix.

Cassavahub Change Management System has been equipped with features that enable an organization to implement change in an agile methodology.

Key system features:

  • Change management process that favors your organization

  • Approvers notification via mail and system notifications

  • Audit trails for activities in the system

  • Change Management History for your solutions and documents

  • Outlook email approval - customized 

  • LDAP/ Google/ MS logins - customized


To get a demo of the system contact us at info@cassavahub.com