Enterprise Resource Planning software is a tool organizations use in managing its daily day to day operation. It can cover operations such as Human Resource Management, Sales, Asset Management, Procurement, Acconting, Project Management etc.  Organizations use a subset of tools to manage most of its business goals. While this is advantageous as they can select the best of several tools, it adds a layer of complexity and duplicacy.

Cassavahub Limited tailors the ERP solution to a companies unique need. We offer what other companies doesn't, a complete visibility of the daily interaction of each component in the system. Custom reports and Custom integrations. We seek to understand our customers pain points and offer them solution that is tailored to their unique need. Think of approving a sale from your outlook email.

Why Custom ERP

  • It can be integrated with any third party provider.
  • Provides a one stop shop for all companies need.
  • It is Cheaper.
  • Improved productivity amongst employees.
  • Data security is guaranteed.

We engage our customers in each step of the development process. The satisfaction of our customer is our utmost aim. We look forward to building your companies custom ERP