With the Kenya Data Protection Act 2019 coming into law on 25th November 2019, All Kenyan firms that handle data are required to minimize use and transfer of sensitive customer data during processing of transactions. 

In order to Fulfil this requirement Safaricom has updated its API from 17th March 2022 and full compliance will be implemented by 29th June 2022.

Safaricom C2B Api response change

Changes Implemented by Safaricom API:

  • Customers phone number has been redacted.

  • Drop Middle Name from API response

  • Drop Last Name from API response


What does this change means for your Application.

  • We presume this to be a breaking change as Safaricom will drop the old API  from 11:59 PM EAT on 29th June 2022. This means most C2B payments will not be processed as it has been impacted. We recommend strongly to involve your developer to access your application.

  • That developers would need to generate a unique payment string when implementing payment with C2B API, this would be the only way to uniquely identify a transaction.

  • The developer will need to update the API version for C2B from v1/simulate to v2/simulate;

  • Developers should default to Lipa na Mpesa online API that triggers an STK push for payments.

Changes that Safaricom foresees

Cassavahub is one of the leading fintech software development firm in Kenya. In case you have a challenge we can look into your problem and help you ensure full compliance with this Safaricom change. Send your questions to us at info@cassavahub.com, you can also seek clarification from safaricom at  apisupport@Safaricom.co.ke

Find attached a link to Safaricom documentation https://developer.safaricom.co.ke/Documentation