Vtiger CRM Experts In Kenya

Vtiger CRM Experts In Kenya

What is Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is both an open-source and cloud Customer Relation Management tool which is used by thousands of businesses to streamline and automate most business processes including leads conversion, sales, escalations and support. This is the best tool to help in your business growth while incurring fewer costs in maintenance and licensing.  It is good for both startups and established enterprises. Vtiger Cloud is supported by vtiger inc while vtiger open source is supported by thousands of vtiger developers across the world.

Why do I need Vtiger CRM

If you are a startup or a first growing business, there are a thousand reasons why you need vtiger for your business. With extended capabilities using paid extensions such as vtexperts you can be able to achieve a lot with vtiger CRM and add advanced functionalities other than the defaults that come with the open source software.

Email Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of sending bulk emails to your large database of customers. This is the right module for you, besides sending emails, you will be able to know how many people were able to read and open the emails so that you can be able to develop your market insights.

Document Sharing 

This helps in advanced documents uploading, sharing and tracking who downloaded or shared a document and at what time so that you are able to control your documents.

Task scheduling and appointment scheduling

With vtiger, you can package a google calendar to help you in creating tasks, meeting and appointment schedules will all the functionalities that come with google calendar.

HelpDesk and Support

Does your business attend to customers' issues by creating tickets? This is a great module packaged with default vtiger that allows logging of customer issues and attending to them. This can also be made advanced by integration with SLA policies to be able to support alerts and organized attending of issues.

Contacts Management

This helps in managing contacts and sync with google accounts. Contacts can be linked to records such as organizations, quotes, invoices, tickets etc.

Sale and Lead Management

Vtiger comes with packages with a good sales tool to help in finance.

Project management

This helps in tracking new projects and tasks.

Inventory and tax management

This manages a company inventory, products, price books, purchase orders, sales orders, vendors and many more.

Advanced user authentication and security

You can be able to implement advanced authentication if your data is very critical, this helps in an extra layer of security to your accounts.


SLAs is an interesting additional functionality that helps you implement notifications, reassignment, emails and many other tasks through automation when an issue or records is not attended to within a given time, 

Advanced Reporting

This helps in auto-generating of reports and emailing the specified users.

Global Search

Advanced search functionality on all records.


Including emails and calendar reminders.

Follow Records

You can be notified when any action happens to a specific record when you activate follow. This is good for tracking.

Comments and Mentions 

You can use @mentions on records to notify the mentioned persons that you have addressed them on a comment.

Custom Modules

You can add your own modules when the default modules don't fit your business. 

Advanced Module Customizations

You can also customize existing modules to fit your business needs.

Automated Backups

You will never worry about data loss when this is implemented. It supports redundancy.

Customer Portal

You can expose some modules to your customers. Eg. creating tickets.

Work flows and automation

With workflows you can automate anything and create background tasks.

Our services in vtiger CRM

  • Installation
  • Custom development
  • Training
  • Migration from old vtiger version
  • Modules development
  • Maintenance
  • Workflows and automation

Please feel free to contact us to help us set you up in this amazing CRM.

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