Web development consultancy is the process where a business owner seeks advice from a consultant on how to optimize, redesign or develop his/her website,  to be able to achieve his/her objectives. Website consultants are experts in the field with proven experience.


Why does your business need a web development consultant?

Do you have a website that exists but generates no leads? Do you wish to have a website and have no idea how to get started? Is your development team working on a solution that you think they are stuck with? If any of these questions rings true for you, you do need our services.


What type of advice can I get from Cassavahub Web Development consultancy?

The client will be able to leverage our expertise in the following fields. We have tonnes of development experience by developing application for FMCG, Insurance Industry and Software Companies.


  1. Web Development:

Our advice might cover the right technology you will use to build your application. The type of application you should develop whether it’s a Server Side Rendered, Client Side rendered, Progressive Web Application or a Mobile Application.


  1. API’s Integrations

Stuck with different APIs or a functionality you wish to integrate with your business application and dont know which? Cassavahub will help you in making the decision.


  1. Cloud Hosting

Have an application and you don’t know which hosting is best for your business? Cassavahub will help you in figuring out.


  1. USSD integration

Do you wish to have USSD for your business and don’t know how, we shall guide you through and help in designing & developing the solution.


  1. Search Engine Optimization

Tired of Ads budget, we can help you on other ways you can boost performance of your website on SERP.


  1. Digital Marketing

Want to run a digital marketing campaign about a new feature? Cassavahub limited will help you in crafting a great campaign.