Most business leaders get sold on to the idea of having a website without understanding its basics. The idea is usually crafted by crafty marketing people. As a software developing firm we believe that it is our goal to educate our clients on what a website is, when is the right time to build, and how to make effective use of it.

A domain name?

The domain is the address of your home. There are several extensions to consider when choosing a domain i.e cassavahub.com, cassavahub.ke, cassavahub.africa. The domain extensions have different meanings. Domain names are purchased from domain registrars. Purchasing a domain name is like purchasing a house. You need to furnish it to be able to live in it.

A website as an enabler to your business.

A website refers to the code and contents that you provide. It enables a business to appeal to a wider client base than those who can access it physically.  

Through a Google Search, a client can be able to access your business. It is not a separate entity from your business but it drinks from the business. Websites are hosted on web servers. Just like a house can be an apartment or a flat there are different ways and technologies that a website can be built with.


Choose the right technology for your website

There are various technologies that can be used to develop websites. Each technology has its own pros and cons. Try to invest time to research and seek advice on what technology to build with. This will save you a lot of cost later. The nature of your business can determine the technology to be used.


You will need to invest time and money in your website.

A new website is like a baby, it needs to be watched, weaned, and provided for. While the development company will be in charge of its uptime. You are required to provide content for the website. Content acts as food for Search Engine Bots. A website with valuable content gets displayed often in search results. Development costs cover development unless you request explicitly for it to cover content creation. Since you are a Subject Matter Expert in your field it would be wise for you to participate in content creation. 


Come up with a Search Engine Optimization strategy

There are more than 1.7 billion websites in the world. Finding a new website is like searching for a needle in a haystack. To be able to rank by a search engine your website needs to be optimized. There are paid and free tools that can help improve your search engine optimization. Depending on your budget you can do it yourself or hire a development firm.


The server which will host your application.

There are several hosting packages that are offered by different server vendors. These packages have their pros and cons. Don’t go for a package because it's cheap. Research a little or consult your development firm. The server can determine how successful your venture can be i.e. if you host your application on a slow server, your website will take time to load and might be a turn off for your potential clients. 


Develop your Brand

A website adds to your brand effectiveness. To have a great business and a great website experience, you need to invest in branding. People buy from businesses they trust, not from businesses running the most current or new technology.  Earn your customers' trust by investing in developing your brand identity.


You can also promote your website with Ads. This would enable your website to be displayed on the first page of search results.


At Cassavahub we guide our customers on their development journey, we act as the customers' technology partners and do everything to ensure they succeed. In case you have any questions reach out to us through our contact us page