USSD integration in Kenya

USSD integration in Kenya

USSD is a popular service that is used by major service providers to offer services to their customers. USSD is preferred by businesses as anyone with a phone can access the service.

A common example of a popular USSD service in Kenya is *144#  to check your credit balance, while safaricom could have implemented the same with an app or login to a website, using USSD service offers a simple way in which customers can access such a  service.

Businesses that might need USSD service offering

  • Financial institutions might need ussd services to enhance their offferings e.g members can make contribution via USSD.
  • USSD can be used to provide utility services e.g balance inquiry for a smart metering company,
  • USSD can be used for surveys and collecting customers feedbacks.
  • USSD can be used in competitions and contests.

Types of USSD Services

Dedicated USSD: This ussd service is allocated to one client only.

                              It is a three digit code only for instance *444#

Shared USSD:  This code is used by multiple companies or services.

                           Each company is issued a channel in the dedicated service e.g 384*65#

                           Shared channels tend to be less expensive as compared to dedicated channels.

Advantages of Using USSD

  • USSD does not require data for it to work.
  • USSD works on all GSM standard mobile phones.
  • USSD works on all mobile networks.
  • USSD services are cost effective to implement.
  • USSD services are highly customizable and can implement any business logic.
  • USSD services can be personalized and is user friendly.
  • USSD services are highly interactive as users can be able to see a response based on the input they have selected.

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