Sacco System Web Application With USSD integration


Sacco System

Embrace Digital Transformation for your Members, Increase Premium Payments and Earn Improved Revenue.


Our Sacco Software handles every Activity in the Sacco, from Member Registration, Member Contributing using M-Pesa, Loan Disbursement to issuing Shares Dividends. We customize our Software to meet each of our Saccos unique need.


Our goal is to help Sacco's automate their applications to a secure environment, cut costs, and let Kenyan embrace a saving culture by use of Accessible Technology.


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Why Choose Our Sacco Software

Let your Members Smile Again :)

Improved Reporting With Analytics
Scalable System can Handle any number of Users
Ease in Member Payments(Ready Integration with Mpesa, Banks, Paypal)
Ease in Loan Tracking and Applications
Ease in Communication(Text, Mail & Notifications)
Linking With USSD and Mobile Application
Improved Repayment Rate (Reminders)
Custom Development is Accepted

Member Features

Online Member Registration

Members can Register and Refer Other Members

Make Payments

Members can Make Payment using M-Pesa, Bank or By Earned Commissions

Ease in Loan Application

Members can Apply loans from the Comfort of their homes. Members will also receive Reminders for Loan Repayments

Transact Anywhere

Members can access their Sacco Accounts from Anywhere and Make an Transaction.

Improved Communication

Members can receive Notifications via Email, SMS or Push Notifications.

Increased Dividends

With Improved Efficiency the Sacco Software Improves.

USSD Menu Screens

Improved Efficiency Results to Happy Members

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